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Cher Burney

It's time to Cherish Your Natural Hair!

I am Cherlyn, a Sisterlocks™ Consultant, but you can call me Cher. Cher  also stands for the beginning of my Cherished Locs hair journey.

Cherished Locs is all about a life changing lifestyle. It is not a hairstyle that contains gels, grease, wax, weave extensions or glue. Cherished Locs is about embracing your natural hair which has been tightly woven through a locking technique called Sisterlocks™.

Early on, I figured going natural could be a daunting task and that dreads are not for me. I then discovered what I thought was a relatively new locking technique for natural, highly textured hair called Sisterlocks™. After researching and discovering it had been around for years, I realized it was the way to go.

I spent years waiting in a salon to get my hair permed and scalp burned. Relaxing creams also created damaging scalp problems, illness, hair loss and not to mention the finances. I decided on April 10, 2011, to journey into healthy, natural hair that’s pain free, hassle free, chemical free and problem free is the way to advance in my life style.

If you are excited as I am and ready to journey into the natural life style and have chosen Sisterlocks™ then contact me today. It is time to Cherish Your Natural Hair. You will be glad you did!

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